Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Local Trains

Quick post here with a couple of pictures from an earlier shoot and one shot today.

This is the North bound "Carolinian" leaving the Cary Amtrak station headed for Raleigh and then all points North.

A few minutes after the Amtrak train departed this N&S train followed it towards Raleigh.

From today. I've been carrying my camera with me every time I am near Downtown Raleigh with hopes of a catching a train sliding between the buildings and over the small bridges that allow the trains to run through the middle of downtown. I saw this train at a distance and drove as fast as possible to get ahead of it. Either the train was moving fast or maybe it's just hard to get ahead of one while driving through in town traffic. Not the best shot since it was taken in bright noon time sun, but I had to post it because I've finally caught a train running through downtown. I'll will be trying again at some time when the light is better.

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